General requirements

On the website, you will find all essential information about the Red-White-Red Card, explanations of other requirements for work and settlement, and a comprehensive overview of living and working conditions in Austria.

Key topics related to work in the nursing and healthcare sector are covered below.

In general, working as a healthcare and nursing professional in Austria offers several advantages:

  • High demand and varied career opportunities: Currently, there are many job openings for nursing professionals on the Austrian job market. New career paths have emerged, such as community health nursing or school nursing. Investments in education and the expansion of competencies within the field of nursing characterize recent developments in Austrian healthcare.
  • Starting salaries: Starting salaries can vary by federal state and employer.
  • Relief week: Nurses and nursing assistants at levels 2 and 1 who have reached the age of 43 receive an additional relief week, regardless of how long they have been working for their employer.
  • Night shift compensation: Staff working in long-term inpatient care facilities receive two hours of time credit per night shift. Collective labour agreements may apply to other types of employers in the healthcare sector.
  • Facilitated recognition for foreign nurses: The recognition process for foreign qualifications has been streamlined. Nurses now have easier access to the Red-White-Red Card for work permits. 

To attract more people to careers in healthcare and nursing, Austria is investing in improving the attractiveness of roles within this sector. Healthcare and nursing professionals can expect not only recognition and appreciation for their work but also improvements in working conditions and pay.

For insights into the conditions of nursing professions in Austria, please refer to studies conducted in 2021 by the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection: Studies by the BMSGPK on the Nursing Sector in Austria (in German)