Nursing assistants level 2

Nursing assistants level 2 carry out tasks in various nursing and treatment situations for individuals of all ages in different areas of health, nursing, and social services. These include mobile, outpatient, day case, and inpatient care settings such as home care, hospitals, or nursing homes.
In the field of medical diagnosis and therapy, nursing assistants level 2 carry out measures delegated to them by doctors or nurses. These measures include standardized diagnostic procedures (such as ECG, EEG, BIA, lung function tests), inserting gastric tubes, placing subcutaneous and peripheral venous catheters, and administering subcutaneous injections and infusions. Additionally, they independently carry out nursing tasks on their own responsibility as instructed and provide guidance to trainees in nursing assistant professions.

Occupational title:

Nursing assistant level 2


The education lasts 2 years (3,200 hours) (at an institution for health care and nursing). There are also other education paths (colleges for higher vocational education and apprenticeships). After completing their education, nursing assistants level 2 must register with the Register of Health Care Professions to be eligible to work as a nursing assistant level 2.

Admission requirements for education:

  • Health-related suitability 
  • Trustworthiness
  • German language proficiency (B2)
  • Successful completion of the 10th grade of school or eligibility to practise as a nursing assistant
  • Standardized admission procedure and interview

The decision regarding admission is made by an admissions committee.

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